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April 8, 2022

Ep 48: Changing The Perception of Tea for Athletic Performance w/ Chloe & Aliyah of The Continua Podcast

Ep 48: Changing The Perception of Tea for Athletic Performance w/ Chloe & Aliyah of The Continua Podcast

Welcome to OpTEAmized, the podcast teaching athletes how tea can optimize longevity, recovery, & performance.

My name is Vince LaPelusa, and I am a brazilian jiu jitsu purple belt who has been drinking tea for over 10 years now and my mission is to teach YOU how to work with tea so you can recover quicker, play longer, & be more competitive in your athletic pursuits.

As athletes we don’t always perceive tea & our athletic performance going hand in hand. Well, why is that? Is it due to marketing schemes from energy drinks & preworkout companies? Is it simply your own personal belief? Or is it because you simply see tea as hot leaf juice?

Today, my guests Chloe & Aliyah from the Continua Podcast & I are going to start changing your perception of tea for athletic performance & recovery by showing you teas true power!

Aliyah is a marketing professional and previous collegiate dancer from Long Beach, California. She grew up in gymnastics, dance and cheer. She then became a collegiate dancer at USC. She says “my body became my temple at a young age.” She was fascinated by how her actions and choices could uniquely impact her body both positive and negative. Chloe is a Vitality Coach based out of Los Angeles. She coaches people in movement, nutrition, sleep, mindset and recovery. She has a B.A. in Sports Medicine from Pepperdine University and is certified as a Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine.

In this episode you are going to hear how a month long experiment with raspberry leaf tea & matcha green tea changed these two ladies perspectives of tea for athletic performance & how the right tea could change yours! So now…grab your tea, sit back, relax, & enjoy this episode of OpTEAmized!

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