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Nice to have a scientific view about tea

I like how the science of tea is explained. It’s not about just tasting good. Tea is so much more and it’s refreshing to hear and learn about all the benefits of it here.

Love this!!!

Love tea, love this podcast!!!

Extremely Entertaining!

Vince does a great job of positioning his questions to make it seem like an effortless conversation while still learning about the guests. Love it😊

Great source for tea information!

Vince is phenomenal at breaking down the benefits of drinking tea into very digestible content. Strongly recommend any tea drinker to follow along!

Making tea culture accessible

I love the energy and passion Vince brings to the project. And that soothing baritone 🤤 I’ve found this podcast to be really helpful in demystifying the world of tea and making me a more informed consumer! Definitely worth a listen

Perfect Podcaat for Tea Lovers

I feel like I learn something new in each episode! Keep up the great work, Vince!


Turning a coffee drinker into a Tea totaler


Vince offers so much interesting tea information and insight. I’m slowly becoming quite a fan of teas! Thank you Vince.

This is the podcast the wellness space was missing!

Vince is sooo knowledgeable in the realm of all things tea, and it really shows. I love podcasts that are about wellness, but they all start to sound the same after awhile - this is my first time finding one with an emphasis on tea and I had no idea how interesting tea could be! Can’t wait for more episodes to air.