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April 19, 2022

Ep 49: Overtraining & What We Can Do To Recover w/ Liz Morgan

Ep 49: Overtraining & What We Can Do To Recover w/ Liz Morgan

Welcome to OpTEAmized, the podcast teaching athletes how tea can optimize longevity, recovery, & performance!

My name is Vince LaPelusa, and I am a brazilian jiu jitsu purple belt who has been drinking tea for over 10 years now and my mission is to teach YOU how to work with tea so you can recover quicker, play longer, & be more competitive in your athletic pursuits.

As athletes, we are always striving to be better, whatever that means for you. We are always thinking there is someone out there training harder or I need to grow. This can lead us to harming ourselves if we don’t allow for proper recovery…but how can I recover & still train hard all the time?

Well today, my guest Liz Morgan & I are going to discuss our struggles on our athletic journey & how overtraining led to injuries & struggles that we now realize are not necessary.

Liz Morgan is a Food Culture Transitionista working to transform the food culture into one that deeply heals people and planet. As a Functional Nutritionist, Liz supports her clients to rise above the food fad frenzy and become more wise and loving caretakers of their own bodies and the earth. She specializes in digestion, liver health, blood sugar imbalances, inflammation, food sensitivities, chronic pain, sleep, and thyroid disorders. Liz is a past environmental lawyer, holds a masters degree in environmental policy, and is the author of the Falcon Guide on foraging for wild edible plants in the Rocky Mountains.

In this episode, you are going to hear Liz share her life’s experiences of fatigue, food sensitivities, & a lack of food understanding & how it has led her to heal herself holistically so she can perform the sports she loves. You will also learn how tea can impact our recovery, performance, & digestion! So grab your tea, sit back, relax, & enjoy this episode of OpTEAmized!

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