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July 14, 2022

Ep 51: How These Teas Will Replace Your Ibuprofen & Lower Inflammation with Chelsea of Indigo Vibes Apothecary

Ep 51: How These Teas Will Replace Your Ibuprofen & Lower Inflammation with Chelsea of Indigo Vibes Apothecary

Welcome to OpTEAmized, the podcast teaching athletes how tea can optimize longevity, recovery, & performance.

My name is Vince LaPelusa, and my mission is to teach YOU how to work with tea so you can recover quicker, play longer, & be more competitive in your athletic pursuits.

Inflammation…it’s something we all hear about so much, both negatively & positively, but what is really going on with it? What causes inflammation? Are there different types of inflammation? And of course, what teas can help reduce inflammation?!

Today, my guest Chelsea of Indigo Vibes Apothecary & I will answer each and every one of these questions so that maybe next time instead of ibuprofen you can grab a tea!

Chelsea is a yoga & reiki teacher & practitioner, a jiu jitsu athlete, & wizard with herbs & tea, but unfortunately she’s human & has struggled with inflammation for far too long…that is until recently.

So stick around to listen to how Chelsea was able to work with modern medicine & holistic teas to overcome her inflammation & who knows maybe you will start implementing some of her practices? So grab some anti-inflammatory tea, sit back, relax, & enjoy this episode of OpTEAmized!

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