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July 22, 2021

What Is This All About? TEAser For Fresh Steeps

What Is This All About? TEAser For Fresh Steeps

What's up TEAmigo?! Question...

Have you discovered tea for the first time & now just need more?

New to herbalism & want to know what herbal teas are best for what?

Are you an athlete looking to step up their game by working with tea & herbs & unlocking earths natural healing powers?

When you hear tea mentioned, do you picture a crappy tea bag (*cough* Lipton *cough*)?

Are you looking to begin your tea journey, but just don't know where to start?

Well...welcome to Fresh Steeps, uncovering the health benefits of tea for your active life!

In this trailer you will gain a little insight on who the host, Vince LaPelusa, is & his background & just what to expect on this show.

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Optimize Longevity, Recovery, & Performance with Tea

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